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Kilikal Parannatho Lyrics Trivandrum Lodge

Director : VK Prakash
Producer: Sebastian
Banner : Time Ads
Story,Screenplay, Dialogues : Anoop Menon
Starring - Jayasurya, Anoop Menon, Dhwani, Bhavana, Saiju Kurup, P Balachandran, Master Dhananjay, Baby Nayanthara, Janardanan, Sukumari, Arun, Devi Ajith, Thesnikhan, Joju & others.
Director of Photography: Pradeep Nair
Editor: Mahesh Narayanan
Music: M Jayachandran
Lyrics: Rafeeq Ahamed, Rajeev Nair
Art : M Bawa"

Lyrics Posted by Ajmal KK
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"കിളികള്‍ പറന്നതോ പ്രണയം വിടര്‍ന്നതോ

പുഴകള്‍ നിറഞ്ഞതോ കനവാണോ...

മിഴികള്‍ തിളങ്ങിയോ....മൊഴികള്‍ കിലുങ്ങിയോ...

ചെവിയോര്‍ത്തിരുന്നതും നിനവാണോ....

മഴയില്‍ നനഞ്ഞുവോ....കുളിരില്‍ കുതിര്‍ന്നുവോ...

ഹൃദയം കവിഞ്ഞു നീ കടലായോ...

കിളികള്‍ പറന്നതോ പ്രണയം വിടര്‍ന്നതോ...

പുഴകള്‍ നിറഞ്ഞതോ കനവാണോ...

കാറ്റിലൂടെ...നിലാവിന്‍ മേട്ടിലൂടെ...

അലിഞ്ഞിടാന്‍ വരൂ...പുണരാന്‍ വരൂ...

മലര്‍വാസമേ നീ....

താരജാലം മിനുങ്ങും പാതിരാവില്‍

പനിനീരിതള്‍ വിതറീടുകീ


ഇതളില്‍ മയങ്ങിയോ....ഒരുനാള്‍ ഉണര്‍ന്നുവോ...

അരികില്‍ വിലോലമായ് ശലഭം വിരുന്നുവരുന്നുവോ....

കിളികള്‍ പറന്നതോ പ്രണയം വിടര്‍ന്നതോ

പുഴകള്‍ നിറഞ്ഞതോ കനവാണോ...

രാവിലൂടെ കിനാവിന്‍ കോണിലൂടെ


സ്മൃതിനാളമേ നീ...

ഓര്‍മ്മപോലെ തലോടും തെന്നല്‍പോലെ

നറുചന്ദനം പൊതിയാന്‍ വരൂ



വെയിലിന്‍ ദളങ്ങളോ...സഖി നീ മറന്ന ചിലങ്കയോ...

മിഴികള്‍ തിളങ്ങിയോ....മൊഴികള്‍ കിലുങ്ങിയോ...

ചെവിയോര്‍ത്തിരുന്നതും നിനവാണോ....

മഴയില്‍ നനഞ്ഞുവോ....കുളിരില്‍ കുതിര്‍ന്നുവോ...

ഹൃദയം കവിഞ്ഞു നീ കടലായോ....."

Jawan Of Vellimala malayalam mp3 download

Jawan Of Vellimala malayalam mp3 download

When champion Mammootty has jumped into show production beneath his home banner of toy for the show 'Jawan of Vellimala', he has assured that he comes up with a superior plot and settings. side thereto, he has additionally brought within the recent ideas from a deb director Anoop Kannan. however what he lost success is that the fine playscript that has the facility to string along the terribly fascinating array of characters and sequences, to the specified impact. As of now, 'Jawan of Vellimala' provides a glance of a show that includes a fine base for a blockbuster, however one that lacked tact to finish up united.

Mammootty plays a stimulating character named  Gopikrishnan, a former soldier of the Indian Army United Nations agency came home  from Kargil war when injuring his eye. currently operating as a pump operator at the Vellimala dam, his queer nature of seeing spirits within the dark and associated cowardliness may be a mockery for many within the space. Gopi has a lot of attachment with the dam as his father was shot dead whereas complaining  for the dam, years ago. The show falls into place with the arrival of Varghese (Sreenivasan), the manager engineer United Nations agency finds some grave irregularities within the dam's construction. A young lad named Koshy Oommen (Asif Ali) additionally arrives there to settle the long unfinished bills thanks to his already deceased father, United Nations agency was the contractor. additionally in alternative necessary roles area unit Chacko (Baburaj) the chief engineer, and Anitha (Mamtha) the camp officer.

James Albert's scripts have many characters and also the base setting round the dam is that the biggest highlight of the show, with everybody around connected with the inanimate structure. And after all before listing the other, it's the picture taking by Satheesh Kurup that demands most laurels. a number of his shots area unit actually mesmerising, with the photography remaining the largest appealing issue of the show.

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Marayumo Remix                   
Onnam Kunnumma                   
Aalum Aarum                   
Ozhuki Njan                   

101 Weddings 2012 Malayalam Movie Online MP3 Songs Free Download

101 Weddings 2012 Malayalam Movie MP3 Songs Free Download 101 Weddings 2012 Movie Info: Movie: 101 Weddings 2012 Directed: Shafi Produced: Rafi, Bava Hasainar, Shaleer Screenplay: Kalavoor Ravikumar Story: Shafi Starring: Jayasurya,Kunchacko Boban, Biju Menon, Bhama, Rupa Manjari Music: Deepak Dev Cinematography: Pradeep Nair Format: MP3 MP3 Bit Rate: 128Kbps – CBR

Muthodu Mutham

Manthrikan 2012 Malayalam Movie Songs Mp3 Free Download

 Manthrikan 2012 Malayalam Movie Songs Mp3 Free Download

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Arike Malayalam Movie Songs Mp3 Free Download

Arike Malayalam Movie Songs Mp3 Online Download

Arike Malayalam Movie Review,Arike Malayalam Movie User Review
Directed by : Shyamaprasad
Produced by : T. K. Suresh Babu
Screenplay by : Shyamaprasad
Story by : Sunil Gangopadhyay
Starring : Dileep,Samvrutha Sunil,Mamta Mohandas,Urmila Unni,
Music by : Ouseppachan
Cinematography : Azhagappan
Studio : Picture Perfect

The moving-picture show tells the story of Shantanu (Dileep), a scientist in Linguistics, and his 2 friends, Kalpana (Samvritha) and Anuradha (Mamta). Anuradha is that the sensitive sort WHO has had sure bitter experiences dotty. Kalpana is that the additional capricious one, WHO is changeable and loves being dotty. Anuradha needs to play Amor and convey Shantanu and Kalpana together; she is aware of that they care lots for every different, except for some reason or the opposite ar hesitant to require ensuing step.

Eravil Viriyum                  
Varavayi Thozi                  
Shyam Hare                  
Ee Vazhiyil                  
Veyilpole Mazhapole

Ozhimuri Malayalam Mp3 Download

Ozhimuri 2012 – Malayalam Movie Songs Free Download

Ozhimuri 2012 Movie Info: Movie : Ozhimuri 2012 Cast: Lal, Asif Ali, Bhavana, Mallika, Shweta Menon Year: 2012 Music Director: Bijibal Label: Manorama Music Format: MP3 MP3 Bit Rate: 320Kbps VBR

Ozhimuri is a 2012 Malayalam-language Indian film written by Jeyamohan and directed by Madhupal, starring Lal, Mallika, Asif Ali, Bhavana and Shweta Menon in lead roles. The original music and background score of the film are composed by Bijiba

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