Friday, July 27, 2012

Yathrakkoduvil Malayalam Mp3 Download

Yathrakkoduvil Malayalam Mp3 Download

Yathrakkoduvil is a movie revealing inscriptions of seven friends who rejoined after moving out of their campus life.There is a reason gathering seven friends after campus life leaving before and after reflections and relations of life. i.e to participate the marriage of one of them.

The soul of “YATHRAKKODUVIL” is the incidents during the marriage voyage wich was arranged by the groom at his homeland.
In this movie is most importance given to friendship,love and revenge by basil zak who is a fresh enthusiastic director.

  1. Arunima Thooki                     
  2. Neril Chora                     
  3. Aaro Varanulla                     
  4. Aaro Varanulla F                     
  5. Kurukumanoprave


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